Linda Ole-Aubut

Linda Ole-Aubut was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1966. She is of Estonian heritage and a fourth generation artist. Linda grew up surrounded by the beauty of art. Permeated with a vast heritage where drawing, painting, sculpture, music and poetry mingled together, she was able to nourish and develop her own creativity. As a teen and young adult, she perfected her technique of charcoal wildlife drawings. But, as the years went by, her life gently shifted from the monochromatic to the endless possibilities of the rainbow. Today, her art is an expression of this transformation. Marrying abstract and realism, the resulting expressionism has become, for Linda, the flowering spring of a new destiny.

Artist's Statement
A word, a theme, an intuition… Butterflies arise; circling the fabric of my soul; dancing in the fog. Grasping them, I delicately lay them upon the canvas before me. Fluidity and fluctuation, they dance again as I contemplate. An emotion emerges, a message from the heart; curves, colors and contrasts appear. Reaching for my brushes and tools, I release with increasing momentum what were simply impressions within my spirit. Beneath my fingers appear fragments of peace and particles of softness that Creation inspires me to reverberate and reflect. Work has become play and expression is achieved.Coalesced into each painting are my wonderment and my profound gratitude to the Author of beauty.

Biographie et démarche artistique
Née en 1966, de souche estonienne-québécoise, Linda Ole-Aubut a grandi entourée par la beauté de l'art. Imprégnée d'un vaste héritage familial où dessin, peinture, sculpture, musique et poésie se mêlaient, Linda a pu nourrir et développer sa propre créativité. Aujourd'hui, on la reconnait à l'unicité de ses fonds abstraits, garnis de carreaux vibrants et parsemés d’éléments figuratifs. La vivacité de ses œuvres se distingue par son caractàre fortement texturé, à la fois paisible et dynamique. L’expression de sa sensibilité se ressent à travers les couleurs éclatantes et contrastées qui avivent ses créations.