Tiiu Poldma

For over 45 years I have been fascinated by contrasts – nature and manmade intersections, life in nature and life in the urban milieu. I have always been fascinated by the flow and beauty of nature in its various forms, and how nature intersects with people and man-made objects or our personal, human experiences in spaces and places.

With a background as a professional interior designer (sise arhitekt) and currently full professor at Université de Montréal, I have always loved drawing and photographing people and places. My artistic interests span visual communication, drawing, and naïve photography of daily experiences. Personal photographic and drawing collections explore this dynamic of nature and its interactions with people and their experiences.

This series, entitled “Still Waters”, explores the sereneness of water and human experience in both rural and urban areas. The series explores what traces are left behind by people who have enjoyed water experiences., whether solo or with friends, alone at the dock or together at the pier. Tiiu Vaikla Poldma, Ph.D. Montreal, QC.